The work permit provides individuals with the opportunity to live and work in Labuan while enjoying several benefits and privileges. The employment pass program is open to both professionals and business owners who are interested in exploring the opportunities available in Labuan

Compliance Requirement:

  1. The applicant shall ONLY undertake activities as specified under the Labuan legislations.

  2. The approved work permit is only allowed to be used to undertake business activities of the Labuan entity.

  3. All applicants must comply with fit and proper requirement as specified in the Guidelines on Fit and Proper Person Requirements issued by Labuan FSA.

  4. Failure to adhere to these compliance requirements may result in revocation of the recommendation for work permit by Labuan FSA and initiation of other punitive measures by Labuan FSA, relevant domestic regulators and law enforcement agencies in Malaysia.

Benefits of Labuan Work Permit:

  • Applicant can reside not only in Labuan Island but also in the West Malaysia.
  • In addition to directors and expatriates, work permit will be granted as dependant pass to their spouses and children under or 18 years old.
  • It is possible to smoothly carry out meetings and business trips between Labuan and other countries (i.e.: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.)
  • Applicant can choose to stay and work in Labuan.
  • Renewal procedure is every two (2) years.
  • Can open personal bank account.
  • Dividend tax exempted.