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Labuan Company

Labuan companies can own controlling stakes in a Malaysian Domestic Company (MDC) and are also allowed to undertake shipping operations with non-residents.

Labuan Foundation

Foundation is designed for people who prefer to have control of their assets, business or otherwise, and it can be very useful in tax planning as well as providing significant legal protection to their assets.

Labuan Trust

The creation of a Labuan trust is generally for an individual or a settlor to give specific property to a third party to be held for the benefit of others, including charities.

The Regulator

Promote and develop Labuan as an international centre for business and financial services

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Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) was established on 15 February 1996 under the Labuan Financial Services Authority Act 1996. The key objectives of Labuan FSA are to:
  • Promote and develop Labuan as an international centre for business and financial services; 
  • Develop national objectives, policies and priorities for the orderly development and administration of international business and financial services in Labuan; and 
  • Act as the central regulatory, supervisory and enforcement authority of the international business and financial services industry in Labuan. 

Misuse of BTL’s name

Members of the public who receive such request or being offered those facility to contact their respective banks immediately to seek clarifications.