Labuan Insurance

Labuan IBFC’s insurance industry is a thriving one, as evidenced by its vibrant growth in the past few years. Comprising not just reinsurers and direct insurers, Labuan IBFC also provides unique underwriting vehicles in the form of captives. This is an increasingly popular risk solution sought by many corporates that prefer to have the flexibility of managing their own perils as part of their own risk management. Aside from conventional (re)insurance services, Labuan IBFC also offers Islamic (re)insurance, better known as (re)takaful, for those seeking Shariah-compliant protection. Insurance brokers, underwriting managers as well as insurance managers complete the supply chain by offering the needed services within the sector.

The industry is set on a positive trajectory and will continue to expand to provide the needed reinsurance capacity and insurance products in order to meet sophisticated clientele needs and expectations. Business flexibilities in tandem with an orderly set of regulations provide a stable business environment for prospective investors and clients alike.