Business Benefit In Labuan

Labuan, has attracted numerous multi-national businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the world by using Malaysia as the hub for their international business. The obvious key benefitĀ  is the low tax regime. The Labuan International Company is the most straightforward form in Malaysia, where foreigners can own 100% share in the company. Labuan is a mid shore jurisdiction allows trading activities for both local and international trade.

  • The main points of fascination of owning a Labuan Company:
  • Incorporation of Labuan Company can be 100% own by individual without resident partner.
  • Paid-up capital of the company minimum USD1.00
  • Require only one Director and one Shareholder. Furthermore, both position can be the same person.
  • Incorporation is fast, within 2 or 3 working days.
  • Favourable tax regime means no tax is payable on non-trading activities and Labuan trading activities taxed at 3% of net audited account or at a fix rate of RM20,000.
  • Foreign directors receiving fee as income fully tax exempted.
  • Labuan Work Permit application can be done after the incorporation of Labuan company.
  • Office and residential address to be set up in Labuan once the application of work permit has been approved.
  • Robust legislation and Guidelines.Tax residency certificate available for company and individual shareholder.
  • Time zone for Asian Market.
  • Double Tax Treaties (DTA) with more than 70 countries.
  • No withholding tax.